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RAR Equipment Layout

*B300 has WIRELESS and there is a network connection
port on wall behind the podium next to the VGA/XLR inputs.

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To use LAPTOP with Data Projector

  1. Connect the laptop with the VGA cable (found in the podium) to the wall outlet (middle of west wall)
  2. Turn the projector on first --the remote control is found in the podium.
  3. Turn laptop on
  4. Push the input button on the remote until "input 1" shows up on the screen.
  5. Network connection also available on the west wall--cable found in the podium
  6. VIU wireless networks are available in the RAR

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To use the VCR with Data Projector

  1. Cables for the VCR are in the podium (instructions on top of the podium)
  2. Sound for the VCR (and P/A system) is in the black box/equipment rack in the corner (instructions on the podium and on the black box/equipment rack).
  3. Turn the video/data projector on--remote is found in the podium.
  4. Select input three (3) using the input button on the remote control.
  5. The VCR is in the equipment rack, key signed out from
    Equipment Loans.
  6. Set the sound level on the control marked VCR on the amplifier in the equipment rack

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To use the DVD/CD player

  1. Turn the data projector on first -- remote found in podium.
  2. Select input four (4) on the remote
  3. DVD/CD player found in the equipment rack (again, key signed out from
    Equipment Loans
  4. Set the sound level with the control labelled "DVD/CD" on the amplifier found in the equipment rack.

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To use a WIRELESS MICROPHONE or REGULAR XLR Microphone and cable and RAR PA SYSTEM

  1. Sign out the microphone and the key for the equipment rack from
    Equipment Loans
  2. Connect microphone cable to outlet on wall behind the podium
  3. Connect other end of mic cable to the wired mic or the wireless
    mic base station
  4. In the equipment cabinet, turn the amplifier on.
  5. Set the volume level for the microphone with the controls marked HAND MIC
    and MASTER
  6. More on wireless microphones
  7. PA System consists of the amplifier and speakers. If not using a wireless microphone, borrow an
    XLR Microphone,
    XLR Cable and a

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CLOSE X Equipment Loans