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Printing In The Library

Double-Sided Printing

There are print copies of the instructions for double-sided printing in the handout holder at the Reference Desk, and it's online as a PDF document.

Printing From Macs

A new handout is being printed up on "celery"-coloured paper: Digital Learning Series 5a: Printing from your Macintosh Laptop Computer (Digital Learning Series 5: Printing from Your Laptop Computer is for Windows machines.) It's also available in PDF on the Library Services: Technology web site, linked from the Laptop Use and Printing pages. As well, I created an entry for printing from Macs in the Technology FAQs database, linking to the PDF handout.

There's a delicate balance we're trying to achieve when it comes to support resources for student-owned computers, and I hope the following clarifies it. Any of the handouts dealing with student-owned laptops are guides only -- not guarantees that we will get a particular technology or configuration working on a student's machine. As with the WISP handouts, we have tested the procedures outlined in this newest printing handout, and offer it as a help resource. We can help students go through the handout, and do what troubleshooting we can in our Wireless Connectivity Clinics. However, if we can't get it working at that point, it's up to the students to do further troubleshooting on their own if they wish to do so (i.e. the functioning of their own computers is ultimately the students' responsibility.)

Public Printers

We've decided to change the time that jobs are held in the queue from 12 hours to 6 hours, but we won't make this change until after this semester's exams (i.e. between the Fall 2005 and Spring 2006 semesters.)

In the meantime, please stop telling students in classes and at the Reference/Service Desks that jobs are held 12 hours, and/or start telling them about the change to 6 hours. Also in the meantime, if print jobs don't show up in the queue right away, tell students to click the Refresh button until it does (things are slowing down because there's a higher volume of jobs in the queue.)
Jean Oct/05

Print Release Stations

Someone printing from any station on the 3rd or 4th floors can release and pick up their black & white jobs from any of the 3 PRSs on the 3rd floor.

Someone printing from any station on the 3rd or 4th floors can release their colour job from any of the 3 PRSs on the 3rd floor (though of course they must pick up their job from the 1 colour printer near the curving stair exit.)

Print jobs from the LIR may only be released (and picked up) from the printer across the hall from the LIR. Stations in the LIR cannot print to the colour printer.

jean 05Oct

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