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Opening Duties

Equipment Loans Opening Duties

  • Log on to Equipment Loans work station including the Workflows Program
    (usernames and passwords are located to the left side underneath the tall part
    of Equipment Loans counter) and LibAnalytics.  Ensure that Outlook
    has loaded (all 3 programs plus EL website are set to load automatically).
  • Check Outlook Inbox for messages/requests
  • Check for messages on phone
  • Check in Equipment Loans room to ensure that earliest (first 1 – 2 hours depending on workload) equipment pick ups are ready and prepared for pickup
  • If any returned equipment is on the Return cart, check contents and discharge from borrower in Workflows.
    Place any equipment and batteries needing re-charging on the charging unit.
  • Check charging station for any batteries or equipment left charging overnight. If completed charging remove from charging units or unplug units and return to their carrying cases and re-shelve. Camera and laptop carrying cases for the charging units are kept on the shelf under the Equipment pickup counter.

Thanks to Margo for this page created 01Sept05

Closing Duties


CLOSE X Equipment Loans