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Generic Users

We currently (August 2004) have 19 departmental users (3 in Powell River, 5 in Cowichan and 11 in Nanaimo). Of those, 12 are non-numeric (i.e. like CCS and NAG) and 7 are scannable P numbers (mostly here in Nanaimo). ETCGUEST is generic but not departmental: it is the only "Guest" user.

CCS Continuing Education Nanaimo
CCSPQ Continuing Education Parksville / Qualicum
NAG Nanaimo Art Gallery


NAG Borrower

Nanaimo Art Gallery, User ID: NAG, is not actually a college department: their employees, who will be picking up equipment and checking out CDs, are not employees of Malaspina and cannot get Mal-U ID cards; therefore, we ask them to bring a piece of ID in order to use the NAG borrower record. Every year the director of the gallery provides Kate Challenger with a list of current employees of the gallery which she then lists on the record, in the Note field, so that Library and Equipment staff can check that the person is authorized to use the NAG account. These generic borrower records expire once a year and their owners should then be prompted to contact Kate to confirm usage, contacts, authorizations, etc.

AUTHORIZED NAG USERS (as of September 2010)

  • Chris Kuderle
  • Stephen Laidlaw


Name Search [Kate email Sept 2006]

Just a gentle reminder ;-) that name searching for new patrons can be a little flakey on Workflows (as if you didn't know):

If using the main window, it is a boolean search and must be done with no commas. If the last name is not common, I usually put just the last name; if it is commoner, I put the first and last name. Names in any order is fine, but names must be in full (no initials) and with no commas, in order for it to work.

If you are using the old red browse search helper in the corner, you must search: "last name, comma, followed by either first initial or first name".

If you don't find a person by name, don't give up! Change the drop down to "Alt ID" and put their card number in. If still not found, try User ID, or maybe some of the other fields we can search by. It is rare that a person is actually not in the database at all, unless they have just registered or become employed that very day.


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