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Cleaning LCD Monitor Screens / Repair Versus Replace Laptop

OK. This page to be the repository and headquarters for all that needs to be known and documented about equipment maintenance and cleaning and so on.

Flashcards Batteries &amp Card 1. Each circulation
2. Monthly 1st Friday
1. Batteries recharged
2. Reformat card
Keyboards Client Responsibility Suggestions Upon Request Check this out
Laptops Clean; update Symantec AV; update Windows, check WISP
connectivity and battery charge level
Weekly Clean case, keyboard, screen; update NAV and Windows
Slide Projectors Clean and check Annually - Summer See Instructions

Cleaning LCD Computer Monitors

LCD monitors are often called flat panel monitors because they are flat and thin. These are the types of screens that are used in most laptop computers, and they are also becoming very popular for desktop computers. LCD screens are softer than CRT glass screens, so they require some extra tender loving care. Keep your fingers and sharp objects away from these screens since they are susceptible to damage and scratches.

Use a soft dry cotton cloth to remove fingerprints and smudges from the screen. If this does not completely remove the dirt and splotches, use a small amount of isopropyl alcohol on the cleaning cloth that has been dampened with water. (A small amount of vinegar can be substituted for the isopropyl alcohol.) Again, spray the liquid on the cloth and never directly onto the screen. Do not use paper towels on an LCD screen as they can scratch the screen. Never use ammonia, ammonia-based cleaners, or strong cleaners which can cause the surface to yellow and become brittle.

It is good to have a special clean cloth that is dedicated to use on the LCD screen. Don’t pick up any old rag, as dirt particles in the rag can scratch the surface of the screen. Special LCD cleaning cloths are available and can be an excellent investment.

The best cleaning method is to stroke the cloth across the display in one direction, moving from the top of the display to the bottom.

[compliments of Maureen, Sept 2006]

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Laptop Repair or Replacement?

Consideration should be given to future repairs as the costs may quickly exceed replacement value. Dell has a fixed rate to repair laptops of $499.99 and they do not make all of the parts available to purchase separately, so replacement may be the only alternative in some cases. [email, ithelp, Jake, Oct 4, 2006]

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