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How Much Is That Doggie In the Window

Procedure for Reports of Dogs Left Unattended Outside the Library

  1. If a patron complains of a dog left unattended outside the Library, especially if it is for any length of time in adverse conditions, the first step is for Service Desk staff to complete the special INCIDENT REPORT for dogs left unattended. Be sure to cross out whatever does not apply.
  2. The next step is to call Facilities 8-4 weekdays, local 6500. For other times and weekends, call Security at 753-3812. Ask them to come to the Library.
  3. Make a photocopy of the top page of the incident report to keep in the Library’s files. Security will want to see a copy of the Incident Report.
  4. Send the appropriate copies to the persons listed on the back of the Incident Report. File the photocopy and the 3rd copy in the Library’s files (give the photocopy to Manager, Loan Services and the 3rd copy to Maureen DeRoos).
  5. Please be mindful not to enter a discussion with the dog owner. That is Security’s responsibility.
  6. Reference Librarians and Quickhelp staff will direct any complaints to the Service
    Desk where Client Services staff will complete the Incident Report.

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