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Former Digital Still Cameras

Old Cameras - Retired August 2005

126C Canon PowerShot A20 2.1 OK
127c Canon PowerShot A20 2.1 OK
128C Canon PowerShot A20 2.1 OK
130C Canon PowerShot A40 2 OK
131C Canon PowerShot A40 2 OK

OLD CF Flashcards and Cases - retired August 2005

220T OK
221T OK
222T OK
224T OK
225T OK
226T OK
227 Card is MISSING; new one on order (May05)
228T OK

"CF card error" message on Digital Still Camera

You turn on the camera and set it to take a picture but get a “CF card error” message at the top of the display screen. Do this:

  1. Press MENU button
  2. Use arrow key to scroll to FORMAT
  3. Press SET button
  4. Use arrow key to select OK
  5. Press SET button

The camera may turn itself off following the format. Turn it back on if you want to begin shooting.

If the camera doesn’t turn itself off, press the MENU button to return to shooting mode.

Reformat Flashcard

It is good to reformat the card occasionally or especially if odd things start to happen, such as being unable to download certain images. Reformatting the card is a primary troubleshooting step. This is how to do it:

  1. Connect Card Reader 129C to your computer via USB port (no need to shut down computer).
  2. Open MY COMPUTER and 129C will show four new drives: one for each of the flash card types it supports.
  3. Insert flash card to be reformatted (label facing your left); a green light appears when it is properly inserted and being read.
  4. Find the drive containing the flash card by clicking on the drives; once you've found it, right click and choose FORMAT.
  5. Choose QUICK FORMAT, then START and OK.
  6. You will be notified via dialogue box when formatting is complete. Click OK and exit.


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