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  • Using sound in a presentation:

Buildings 200/203, 355/203,
356/109, 180/134 and 356/111 are rooms where laptops can be connected to
the in house sound system.  There are two other rooms in Education
356/219 and 356/215, where the projector itself has a large enough
speaker that, if the sound is not too demanding, the projector sound
will suffice. (as per Bill Clark, Jan.11/06)


355/Theatre(203) Computer, Data Projector, Speakers built into room. You can also run your laptop from this location c/w audio.

Sound reinforcement/amplification not normally an issue as room acoustics are excellent; using sound reinforcement has some problems but if they insist: single mic input at front of room, next to the podium; second mic input at rear of room. Both mic inputs controlled by volume control on podium. Both mics require XLR mic connectors.
The room across from the theatre

Multi purpose 211

has nothing in it. You will need to have speakers, laptop, and a data projector as well as an extension cord for this room and a network cable if you want to use network.
The main theatre B 310 has a data projector in the booth at the back of the room. they also have a sound system that will allow you to run your laptop from the front of the theatre or from the control room. There is still some wiring to be done here, but it will be finished in time for June.

The main theatre has a sound system built into it for voice reinforcement, but the other two rooms do not. Instructors do not use mics in either 355/203 or the room across the way. I have seen several occasions; however, where mics where used with presenters from outside who had very soft voices.

RAR See here for incomplete Royal Arbutus Room information.

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