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New TDS System / How To Use TDS / Out Of Office Assistant


  • Bell Mitel 504 IP Phone
  • Phone number is 250-740-6329.
  • Retrieve Messages: press Voicemail button, enter pass code.


To place a call on hold push the HOLD button. To take off hold push the hold button on the right side of the

Out-Of-Office Messages

  1. Change your Voice Message and set your Outlook Out of Office Assistant Auto-reply to indicate you will be away from the office when on vacation etc. (This does not apply when you are going off campus for brief periods of time during the day.)
  2. Messages indicating you are away, when you expect to be back, and directing people to call the
    Service Desk with general requests for service would be helpful.
  3. Out Of Office reply is only sent when you receive a message from someone on campus - it is not broadcast to correspondents external to Malaspina. Why? Well, many of us subscribe to email lists that are not happy to hear that we are on vacation, where we are going, when we’ll be back and who to contact if they really need assistance. In addition, broadcasting the fact that you are away from home is never a good idea in the event that the message is received by someone who really is happy to discover that your house will be unoccupied for a defined period of time.
  4. There are some alternate strategies that you may want to consider if you are expecting an important email communication while you are away from campus:
  • advise contacts in advance of your absence
  • use the Rules feature of Outlook to target a response to specific contacts
  • use the Rules feature of Outlook to forward your email to someone else who can respond on your behalf during your absence.
  • Sample Message for Out Of Office Assistant: "I will be out of the office July 19 - 30, 2004. Any requests or questions needing immediate attention, please contact the Equipment Loans at or

  • TDS System (New...September 2006)

    1. The new TDS will be available via the
      VIU web site
    2. The new system displays the name, title, department, phone number, institutional e-mail, office location and associated fax number.
    3. Additional information and whether your photo is displayed may be entered by each employee.
    4. The system has much greater capabilities than the previous system and we will be working to develop other features which will be rolled out later on.
    5. There is an optional photo link in the new TDS system that will allow Faculty and Staff to make their photo available on the TDS to either on-campus visitors (campus view only), on campus and off-campus visitors, or not at all.
      The benefit of opting into this feature is that it allows new employees to orientate themselves to their peer group, allows various front end staff to verify the identity of individuals coming into their area and allows us to get to know each other better.
      Additionally having the photo option on supports those of us conducting business with external partners, such as International agencies. Displaying your photo is optional . . . by default your photo will not display.
      The photograph to appear on the telephone directory system, if you choose to enable one of the options, will be the same as your ID card.
      You may update your photograph by presenting your employee card to the Photo ID Centre located on the main floor of the library.
      You will not receive a new ID card, however the new photo will be the one displayed on the TDS, if you opt into the photo link.
    6. Allows us to display more than one listing for employees who have more than one work location or office i.e. one in Nanaimo, another in Cowichan
    7. Employees/Departments will now be able to print a phone listing directory. The old system did not allow us to do this. To print a directory click either the departmental or alpha directory then hit the print button. We recommend the environmentally friendly method of keeping a separate browser window open that contains the TDS so that you can refer to it as required. Photos are NOT part of these printable listings.
    8. To edit or add information to your record click the MyTDSInfo button at top right of your screen. You will be asked to log in, use your Malaspina user name and password. The editable fields are noted.
    9. To get listed in TDS contact your Area Secretary who will refer your request to the correct people.
    10. For further information, please contact Rusty Joerin at 740-6234 or by email at

    Best Practices

    • Delete Voice Mail on a regular basis. If you are not accessing your voice mail, enable someone else to check and delete your voice mail while you are away for an extended period.
    • It is common courtesy to set your phone to call forward to voice mail when you are out of the office.
    • When away from campus for any period, record a temporary greeting stating your absence and date of return for the caller's information. Keep the greeting as brief as possible.
    • Access your campus voice mail from anywhere in the world with phone


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