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Door Bell At Service Desk

Evening and Weekend Equipment Charging and Discharging by Library Service Desk Staff

Ringer is located in one of the slots between the 2 main check out stations. The mechanism is sitting under the key box on the cash processing desk. We don't want to mount it on the wall until we are sure it is working properly. Note that it only takes alkaline batteries (noted on the box). [Maureen 05sep]

Excel Questions

As an example of how you might answer similar questions about other MS applications

There's a run on questions about creating graphs and charts in Excel from students in a Geography class who have an assignment due tomorrow [05Oct20]. Technically, it's beyond our scope to give Excel support, but you can direct students to the Excel page in the Library Services: Technology web site. There's a link to library resources that does a canned search of Marlin for Excel manuals in the collection -- some of which deal specifically with data analysis and charts -- and several online tutorials. Also direct students to Excel's online help. There's a workshop on Excel charts tomorrow, but that's too late for this assignment.

Group Viewing Room

The Group Viewing Room, room 336, is now available to groups of students wishing to use it for group viewing, video interviewing projects, etc. It is a bookable room and should be booked at the Service Desk just like the Video Editing rooms. It will be next week sometime before I have the key to this room ready to be checked out; in the meanwhile, please book the room and just use the Library master to open the room for anyone with a booking.

To book the room just click and drag to highlight the desired time (max.3 hours, must end 1/2 hour before Library closing time), then type the contact person's name and ID number and hit return.


Item has holds' message appears. Explain to the user that another user had a prior hold on the item and it cannot be checked out. Click on Do Not Check Out Item to return to checkout.  Put item aside and when you have time go to Trap Holds, scan the item, note who has the hold and write the patron's name on a slip with today's date, wrap the slip around the item with an elastic, and place it on the Hold Shelf for pickup.

New User Registrations

Community and COPPUL (Com-ex-stu) borrowers do not have their address information loaded from anywhere, and when creating a record for these borrowers, you must actually put the address information in the Address fields.

Security Gate Closure

The half-gate around the Reference Desk area apparently needs to be opened at the middle where the two halves join, before being pushed along the track, as pulling the whole thing along puts too much stress on it. Unfortunately, if you leave it unjoined and store it that way, the evening person cannot then reach the second half as its too far in the cupboard, so you will have to unjoin it, push both halves to the storage cupboard, and join it up again just as you push it in. At closing time, you will need to take the first half out of the cupboard, unjoin them, pull them into position, and join them up again.Kate.05jun23

Video Discharging

Gentle reminder to take extra care when discharging videos. Often videos are not discharged from the patron and end up back on the shelf. Because these are high demand items, it can cause a great deal of distress and inconvenience to both the patron claiming returned and the next patron in line (not to mention the staff who must deal with them).

Perhaps because discharging videos is a several-step process, we are tending to leave them on the counter mid-process (prior to desensing, for example, or prior to being put on the shelf); then others may be coming along and assuming they are discharged when they are not? Here are several suggestions that may help:

Watch the screen carefully when discharging and make sure the window is 'live' and properly discharges the item.
Note if a video routes to "VIDEO-SVCS": this means it is a Cowichan or Powell River video and must be discharged a second time and put on the Video Holds shelf to go back to its home campus.
If you are interrupted while discharging videos, place the videos back UNDER the counter, in the drop box, to return to later, not on top of the counter.

Remember, too, to slow down and take a breath; people in the line are usually happy to wait until you complete an action if you just acknowledge them. (To yourself you can mutter your mantra, "accuracy is more important than speed"). ;-)
[email from Kate, September 2006]


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