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Closing Duties

Equipment Loans Closing Duties

  1. Prepare next day's booking slips
  2. **

  • **If Media Services staff are away, prepare the equipment pickup slips for the next day.
    The report and the slips are printed on the work room printer at 4:00 Monday through
    Friday and at 3:00 Saturday and Sunday.  If the following Monday is a holiday, the
    booking slips for Tuesday are scheduled to print on Sunday.
  • Using the paper cutter or scissors, cut the slips into strips as per each item.
  • Group them together as per borrower and pickup time (sometimes the same borrower is picking up more than one item at different times in one day). Staple in corner and using a hi-liter, hi-lite the item #, borrowers name and pickup time.
  • Take the completed slips to the equipment room and according to pickup time, place the slips on the Pickup board – just inside the door on the wall.
  • Depending on volume, retrieve the equipment to be picked up during the 1st
    hour (8am – 9am). Group it together on the pickup table from earliest to
    latest closest to the door and attach the booking slips to the item(s).
  • If any item for earliest pickups is overdue or not there for some other reason (may be in repair – will say so in Workflows
    under CHECKOUTS) try to book another item to replace it.
  • If the item to go out is overdue and/or there is no other item to
    replace it, try to contact the borrower via phone or email.
  • Media Services staff or covering person - before leaving for
    day, make sure that any requests in Outlook Inbox or phone messages have been
    completed/confirmed if for the next open day.
  •  Close Outlook and LibAnalytics, log off Workflows, and
    Equipment Loans work station.
  • Ensure that Equipment storeroom and Demo room doors are closed/locked and lights off. Close door to workroom area.

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