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Building 200 Room 237

This room has the following equipment:

Ceiling-mounted Data Projector Remote control is located on your left as you face the audience, mounted on side of whiteboard and is secured.

Netword and VGA Cables VGA Cable to connect your laptop to the installed data projector.
Network cable to connect your laptop to Malaspina network and the internet.

To connect your VCR to the TV
Connect one end of the coax cable to your VCR output.
Connect the other end to the top coax input (marked TO TV) as shown.

Note: There is no remote for the TV. Use buttons on front to turn on/off.

Sequence to connect DVD player to Data Projector and use TV to broadcast sound

  1. Connect the video out from the DVD player to the co-ax cable near the TV.
  2. Connect the audio out from the DVD player to the audio in onthe back of the TV
  3. Turn the TV on and select Video via the TV/video button the the fron of the TV. [Although the video is not going through the TV it is necessary to be in the video position to allow the audio to go through the TV). There is no audio amplifier and speakers in this room so we have to suse the TV for audio.
  4. Turn theprojector on using the remote that is fixed to the wall at the end of the white board and allow it to worm up about one minute.
  5. Press input button once on the remote. This will put the data projector in the video mode and there should be a message on the top right corner of the screen indicating video. There are three possible positions RGB, Video and S-Video each time the input button is pressed it will move to the next position.
  6. The DVD can now be put in play and the video shoudl show on the screen via the data projector and the audio should be coming from the TV

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