Library background

4th Floor -- Directing People To


There is no access to those departments from the 4th floor library area. Direct those looking for the ICS (Institute for Coastal Studies)

  • The blue South elevator
  • The outside stairs by the coffee shop and wisteria

Battery disposal

Used alkaline batteries and no longer chargeable re-chargeable batteries are
to be saved in a specified box in the Equipment Storage room.  Periodically
we will take them to the Health and Safety Services dept. for correct disposal.


Document cameras or Visualizers
or Visual Presenters

(as per Bill Clark April 2011)

There are at least seven units on

370/107 built into the desk                                                                         

305/508 – computer instruction room

Welding – bought by their department –
location unknown

250/308 on a cart for use in that room,
stored in closet

180 – Health and Human Services  not
sure of status

Stu Seifert -  used off campus on HEO

250/125 locked down in position on

 There are no portable ones that I know
of and other departments may also have units but I am not aware of them. 
Portable ones are not usually popular as folks don’t like to set up and take
down the unit.


ERC or LIR Key -- Computer Lab on 5th Floor

ERC (Electronic Resource Centre) is or will soon be known as the Library
Instruction Room but really is known to most as the computer lab on the 5th floor". The key is presently (May 2006) hanging with other keys the library keeps. This little key open the 'drawer' that allows access to data projector (and maybe more...investigate and report and update this entry why don't you. Take a picture (worth a thousand of your or anyone else's words. Add that to this page. Make it pretty. Be creative. Live long and prosper).

Library Boardroom and Cupboards Key

see Room Bookings.




 When an item of equipment is found to have a

  1. test the equipment to see if there is a problem or if
    possibly user error.
  2. if problem does exist check item bookings for bookings in
    near future.
  3. if bookings exist during next 2 week period try to move
    these bookings to another item if possible.  Ideally move all bookings
    to another item(s) so equipment can be charged to REPAIRS in Workflows
    booking system.  After all bookings moved to other item, charge item by
    item ID # and make due date NEVER using the WIZARD.  This makes getting
    item repaired easier as often repair time is unknown.  If unable to
    move bookings to another item, charge item to REPAIRS in Workflows to cover
    the period until the next booking.
  4. If not able to replace item, contact IT Services
    explaining situation and ask how soon item can be repaired.  An IT work
    ticket will need to be made to facilitate the repair.   *If Margo is away and item needed before she is back send email to
    or call IT Helpdesk requesting the ticket.

Telephone Conferencing

Telephone conferencing equipment is available in the following bookable

B305 - 274, 507


Video Clip Playback in Full Screen Mode

Browser plug-ins that play small video clips do not allow full screen video viewing; however, if you save the file (by right clicking on it, save as) then open it by double clicking on it (it should launch the player application, instead of just the plug-in) you then should be able to set the program to go into full screen through one of the drop down menus in the player. Thanks to Johnny 05Nov01

Video Conferencing Inquiries

refer inquiries to the IT Helpdesk.

FAQs about NiMH Batteries


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