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DENH 255: Dental Sciences II: Articles & Databases

drugs, origins and properties, pharmaceuticals, pharmacology, drug effects, drug interactions, naturopathic supplements,

Pharmacology Databases

The following VIU Library databases provide specific information on drugs used in dentistry and medicine.  (Also see the page above - Reference Materials.): 


Databases for finding Journal Articles & Research Reports

The following VIU Library databases provide journal articles and reports on medical topics.  You can search for articles on dental drug applications, drug testing, interactions, etc. 

Natural Health Products Websites

Natural health products are defined by the Natural Health Products Regulations, Food and Drugs Act (Canada) as "Vitamins and minerals, Herbal remedies,Homeopathic medicines,Traditional medicines such as traditional Chinese medicines, Probiotics,Other products like amino acids and essential fatty acids" :


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